The Liberty Foundation, incorportated in the state of New Jersey, USA, in December 2002, and philanthropic non-profit organization to promote education, culture, health, and humanitarian causes around the world through a wide spectrum of activities:



Through providing scholarships, institutional research grants, educational donations, organizing seminars, building schools and colleges; supporting special programs for students through schools and universities; establishing relationships with other philanthropic organizations to promote basic and advanced education; and initiating pilot programs for expanding access of opportunities to high school and college students.


Through the sponsoring and organizing events, forums and seminars on art, poetry, literature, music, and dance; providing support to philanthropic organizations and institutions; participating in the promotion of museums and cultural centers to expand on human qualities; and supporting dynamic relationship among communities, nongovernmental organization and government in the delivery of social services.


Through sponsoring sports activity; supporting environmental issues for better living and better community; promoting volunteerism among professionals for health awareness; and supporting institutions for raising funds.

Other Humanitarian Causes

Through promoting notions of social responsibility and citizen action; supporting development activities; and participating in programs by other institutions (e.g. Habitat for Humanity and the United Way, etc.)



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