The Liberty Foundation

Promoting Education, Culture, and Health through Humanity


The Liberty Foundation, incorportated in the state of New Jersey, USA, in December 2002, and philanthropic non-profit organization to promote education, culture, health, and humanitarian causes around the world through a wide spectrum of activities:



Through providing scholarships, institutional research grants, educational donations, organizing seminars, building schools and colleges; supporting special programs for students through schools and universities; establishing relationships with other philanthropic organizations to promote basic and advanced education; and initiating pilot programs for expanding access of opportunities to high school and college students.


Through the sponsoring and organizing events, forums and seminars on art, poetry, literature, music, and dance; providing support to philanthropic organizations and institutions; participating in the promotion of museums and cultural centers to expand on human qualities; and supporting dynamic relationship among communities, nongovernmental organization and government in the delivery of social services.


Through sponsoring sports activity; supporting environmental issues for better living and better community; promoting volunteerism among professionals for health awareness; and supporting institutions for raising funds.

Other Humanitarian Causes

Through promoting notions of social responsibility and citizen action; supporting development activities; and participating in programs by other institutions (e.g. Habitat for Humanity and the United Way, etc.)



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The Liberty Foundation was started to face the fundamental challenge of our time: How do we create a better society and better environment for this generation and the generations to come? Searching for the answer(s) to this guiding question has become the prime directive of the Liberty Foundation and its friends and supporters. United in this cause, we have been able to establish a literal foundation to undertake projects of increasing magnitude and scope for the benefit of humanity.


Creation – The foundation started with contributions in the form of gifts and donations from Sailesh R. and Manidipa Chowdhury, members of the Chowdhury Family, friends of the Chowdhury Family, and Basic Commerce and Industries (BCI), a US-based systems and software engineering firm.

Policy – The trustees of the foundation set policy and delegate authority for its operation. The source of financial support of the foundation’s operation and programming is from the gifts, donations, and proceeds from events, sponsored and organized by the foundation. The trustees and advisors of the foundation explore opportunities to pursue the foundation’s goals, recommending and approving projects for funding.

Past and Ongoing Projects

“People to People Student Ambassador Programs”
Donations are made to this prestigious US-based charity started by the 34th President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

“Habitat for Humanity”
Donations are made to support construction projects for those in low income areas to participate in the process of building and owning a home of their own. This program makes strides to involve people in the community for the positive cause of helping others with real home ownership.

“American Red Cross”
Donations are made to the American Red Cross’s disaster relief funds as well as contributions to the general fund.

The Liberty Foundation contributed directly to CII’s Tsunami Relief Fund after that natural disaster.

Donations are made yearly to UNICEF’s general fund and specifically to support humanitarian causes and special situations.

“Ekal Vidyalaya”
Donations are made yearly to Ekal Vidyalaya for promoting primary education in India.

“Dana-Farber Cancer Research Institute”
Donations are made to support this organization’s efforts in cancer research. The Liberty Foundation has made specific donations toward research in thoracic oncology.

Building Schools

United States 
Building schools like the Vivekenanda School of Sri Ramakrishna Sevashram in West 
Bengal, India is part of the cornerstone drive of the Liberty Foundation. This school will 
immensely benefit in educating and enabling the community it was constructed within. 

University Scholarships and Grants
By providing scholarship and grant money to the Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India 
(, the Liberty Foundation can support education and research and 
development at one of India’s premier Universities.

Training Programs

The Liberty Foundation contributes to various vocational and training and enablement 
programs both in the form of donations and lending speakers/educators from its vast 
array of resourses.

Other Charities

There are many other charities the Liberty Foundation contributes to both monetarily and by providing volunteers. For more information, please see our contact information portions of this website.

Contributed to the other following organizations:
-Foundation of UMDNJ (
-Share and Care Foundation (
-The Loomba Trust (
-Vidyasagar Foundation (



The Liberty Foundation has had many events in the past and continues to plan and program events both on its own and with other organizations both non-profits and for-profits. Below some of the events we have had are listed. The Liberty Foundation will continue to have events which promote humanity and the general well being of society.

Ken Zuckerman and Anindo Chatterjee – an evening of classical Indian music where Ken play Sarod and was accompanied by Anindo on tabla.
Rashid Khan – a delightful concert given by Mr. Khan to the delight of the Liberty Foundation and its supporters.
Mallika Sarabhai and Darpana Dance Troupe – a performance of “An Idea Named Meera” at the Zellerbach Theater at the Annenberg Center, the University of Pennsylvania.
Rajkumar Rizvi and Runa Rizvi – a semiclassical and contemporary Indian music performance with Gazals and Thumris.
Hriday Marchent – a semiclassical and contemporary Indian music performance.
PULSE India Radio Program – a radio production of broadcast Indian music on WNWR – 1540 AM, Philadelphia.
Samhita Nandy – Great vocals of classical Indian music were presented
Madhav Gaudi – an evening of classical Indian music with wonderful vocals.
Aditi Sahani – more contemporary Indian pop music with vocals by Ms. Sahani.
Musical Concert by Chandrabindoo – a contemporary pop band from India performed at Drexel University’s main auditorium.
Various Lectures – the Liberty Foundation has brought in lecturers on a variety of topics ranging from social, health, to spiritual understanding.
Art Demonstrations – the Liberty Foundation has displayed works of various artists and allowed for the review and interactive discussions with the artists and their works.
Charitable Events – all of what the Liberty Foundation does fall in line with charitable events, but sometimes open events are held at galleries and other various locations to gather and raise funds for the Liberty Foundation’s cause.


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